Contents and Purpose

The purpose of this course is to acquaint students with the skills and techniques used in statistical consulting.

Each student will be expected to handle several case studies, including the statistical analysis of the data and the preparation of written and oral reports to the client. We will also discuss related aspects of statistical consulting such as communication with clients, getting the correct data, arranging the data for analysis, and how to summarize the data for the client. We will read scientific articles and discuss the statistical methods used in them. We will also discuss relevant statistical methods that come up during the course of the semester.

Students will be expected to take on case studies from the first day of class. Knowledge of regression and analysis of variance are essential.

The goals are:

1.  Familiarity with problems in applied statistics.

2.  Familiarity with useful methods for statistical consulting and problem solving.

3.  Hands-on work on applications, including understanding the problem, statistical formulation, data collection, initial examination of data, model selection and fitting, matching the analysis to the goals, final data analysis, and reporting the results in writing and orally.

4.  Carrying out a project for a client.


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