Requirements and Grading


1.  Read material on statistical consulting and problem solving techniques.

2.  Read articles on statistical applications, including written and oral reports, including two of your own choice.

3.  Analyze and report on about 5 case studies.

4.  Carry out a project for a client, from initial meeting to summary of results.

5.  The final grade will be based on all the assignments plus an essay type exam.

On all projects you will be expected to prepare written reports and to make oral presentations in front of the class.

Click here to download a Word file with some general comments on statistical problem solving and report writing.

Grade = Goodwill x (0.4Visa+0.6Final)
        Goodwill = (Adherence to ETHICS;1;0)
Visa = {0.5(Average of Quizzes) + 0.5(Mid-Term Exam)}
Final = {0.7(Assignments) + 0.3(Final Exam)}
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